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Reg.Nr Type Build.Nr Built Wdwn. Aeroport Manager Remarks
P4-BTA Bombardier Challenger 600 (Challenger 604) 5649 2006 Almaty Private (Kazakhstan) Challenger Alliance A.V.V/Excellent Glide, Almaty Seeria Alliance Ltd
БТА Банк
UN-85744 (Ту-154М) 92A927 08.09.1992 04.12.2010 Almaty Private (Kazakhstan) Азамат
UP-CL6001 Bombardier Challenger 600 (Challenger 604) 5649 2006 Almaty Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-CS201 Cessna 337 Skymaster Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-CS502 Cessna 750 Citation X 750-0277 2007 Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-EM009 Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 50500082 2012 Private (Kazakhstan) Fly Jet Kz
UP-EM017 Embraer Legacy (EMB-135BJ Legacy 650) 14501176 2013 Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-I8496 (Ил-18ГР) 186009202 29.06.1966 Private (Kazakhstan) Southern Sky
UP-L2001 L-200 Boraldai Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-L4401 Л-44 Boraldai Private (Kazakhstan) Discovery Flight
UP-LA163 Як-18Т Boraldai Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-LA195 Bristell NG-5 Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-LA203 Pipistrel Virus SW Boraldai Private (Kazakhstan) Discovery Flight School
UP-ML002 Maule M-7 Boraldai Private (Kazakhstan) Аэроклуб АОН
UP-P1003 Beechcraft RB-287 Almaty Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-P1004 Beechcraft Premier I B-292 Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-P4201 Piper PA-42 42-8001105 1982 Boraldai Private (Kazakhstan)
UP-Y4208 (Як-42Д) 452042311665 17.04.1992 Almaty Private (Kazakhstan) Excellent Glide
КАЛ-2404 (Ми-8Т(ТВ)) Boraldai Private (Kazakhstan)
СССР-85744 (Ту-154М) 92A927 08.09.1992 04.12.2010 Almaty Private (Kazakhstan) Азамат

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