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Reg.Nr Type Build.Nr Built Wdwn. Manager Remarks
7926M Comet 2 6028 1953 RAF
FD901 DC-3 9263 1943 RAF
G-AMXF Comet 2 6028 1953 RAF
KJ838 DC-3 25622 1944 RAF
WJ866 English Electric 71334 2.09.2004 RAF Canberra T.4
39 (1 PRU) Squadron, RAF Marham
WR960 Shackleton RAF
XH134 English Electric SH1724 10.1959 RAF Canberra PR.9
XK670 Comet 2 6028 1953 RAF
XL161 Victor (Victor K.2) HP80/64 1961 RAF
XL317 Vulcan 26 1962 RAF
XM496 Bristol Britannia 13508 24.08.1960 14.10.1997 RAF Britannia Series 253 C.Mk1
XN728 Lightning RAF Lightning F.2
XN787 Lightning 95140 15.02.1963 RAF Lightning F.2A
XP705 Lightning F.3 RAF English Electric Lightning F.3
базирование -- RAF Coningsby
машина принадлежит 23 Sq
XP764 Lightning F.3 95193 19.09.1964 RAF
XR498 Wessex RAF Wessex HC.2
XR510 Wessex RAF Wessex HC.2
XV468 F-4 Phantom II (F-4M Phantom II (FGR.2)) 3276 1969 RAF
ZD243 Vickers VC10 867 12.02.1969 1991 RAF

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